Lottery games are played across the world. While many countries have legalized it, some countries have not legalized it yet. As per law only adults above the age of eighteen are allowed to play the lottery game. One of the reasons why lottery is commonly played by people than other forms of gambling games is that it allows the player to play for low participation amount and has considerable higher chances of winning than other forms of gambling. There are end number of lottery games to play, while the game variety kept changing and altered accordingly, most of the lottery games are very common among different countries but they have different name and slight difference in rules. Some games have stopped being played while some are newly added to the list of lottery games in

The list of games popularly played In United Kingdom

Here are the lists of games that are very popular in United Kingdom.

* Lotto is the most popularly played lottery game. It is a simple game where players have to pick any six digit number and if at least three numbers match the drawn numbers then the player wins a prize. Some lottery services have daily lotto while some have it once or twice every week. With lotto one has the golden chance of winning jackpot if all the six numbers match the drawing figure.

* Lotto Raffle is basically is played with Lotto for no additional cost. Here the game guarantees a minimum of fifty winners in every draw. With rollover of Lotto Jackpot, the number of raffle amount increases by fifty.

* Health หวย ขําๆ is a game that is drawn generally once in a week. Players who number match all five balls drawn win the top prize which can be around one hundred thousand pounds. While for four balls match price can be two fifty pounds and around twenty pounds for three balls match. Here you get to play at three level of bonus ball prize.

* Hot picks is one game which is generally played twice a week where again in order to win the prize your chosen five numbers must match the drawn numbers. All the prizes are static so this makes the chances of winning jackpot by multiple players.

Other games include, Irish Lottery, Euro millions Thunder balls and Millionaire Raffle. These games have been popular over recent times and have now become available online to be played by the players who are interested.