Gambling has always been a favorite pastime for men. The activity of gambling is believed to have existed long ago with ancient texts and inscriptions proving the point. In this internet era, gambling has taken a new form. A couple of decades back, it was necessary for an interested gambler to visit a casino physically if he wanted to enjoy gambling time. It is not so anymore. Virtual gambling has made it possible for everyone with internet access to enjoy gambling games from anywhere. There are a lot of online casinos today that offer attractive bonus and promotions to get customers. The online casinos use gaming software that makes it possible to play any game over the internet. Some of the casinos features download based games where you will have to download the casino’s software to your machine. Some casinos feature flash based games, where you can play the games directly online without having to download any additional software.

Mobile gambling

A recent study published has found that almost 90% of smartphone users use their mobile devices for going online and a large percentage of them use their phones as the primary online device. As the number of people using internet over phones increase, the online casinos and the gaming development companies have come together to bring pussy888 gambling to their users. The resolution of a computer screen and a mobile screen are quite different. A game which is designed for the bigger computer screen will not provide a good display in the smaller screen. A lot of casino operators have realized the potential of mobile gambling and are investing heavily in developing games especially for mobile devices. A responsive design is one innovation which might ease this problem. Mobile devices are available in a variety of sizes. Smartphones which support gaming are available in various sizes starting from 4 inch screens and the tablets and notebook PCs can take up as much as 11 inches. Hence a website or game that is developed for mobile devices must be able to display correctly in all these sizes. Responsive design ensures that the page displayed fits according to the size of the device without spoiling the content presented.

There are different gambling games that are offered. Gaming software development companies like Microgaming and 888 are already ahead of the competitors by providing many mobile based gambling games. Most of the online casinos that offered games for PCs until now are foraying into the world of mobile gambling too.