While playing real-time bounded online sports betting, all we need is a good digital platform to support us. Choosing between the Fun88mobile app and its website version might be a difficult task.

Despite both having their fair share of pros and cons, the Fun88 betting app has several key features that have led to its extensive popularity as a betting and online gaming app.

Why to install the app when the mobile website version is there

Users might go through the dilemma of whether to use the fun88mobile app or the website version. A little comparison between the two versions will tell you the difference and help you to choose between them.


  • Downloading – the mobile site does not need to go through the process of downloading. Whereas it is essential to free up mobile memory space and install the Fun88 app.
  • Graphic images – to avail graphic images on the website you have to wait untill the images are loaded. Whereas, in the app the excellent quality of graphics comes with the product.
  • Accessibility – the app runs on one-click access, whereas to access the website you need to depend on a browser every time.
  • Speed – while loading and changing odds the app executes at the fastest speed known. Whereas, it a much longer time for the mobile site to update the information on the screen.
  • System requirements – the minimum system requirements of the device must be met for the app to be functional. Whereas, the mobile version fits into any device with any system feature.
  • Saving data – the Fun88 app comes with the option of saving your data so that one-time input is enough for each execution. Whereas, you need to enter your login information every time you enter the mobile site.
  • Notifications – the app will notify you with every update on sports events or any other event you need to know, whereas there is no such facility with the mobile website.

There is no doubt about the quality with which the mobile websites run. However, the Fun88 app is a much better option if you are looking for a better online gaming experience. It is much faster and easy to use compared to the website and thus is much more efficient when it comes to live betting or live casino games. The game might change in a fraction of seconds in these instances.