poker cheat cards games

There are shortcuts and ways of cheating in every game and so is it for poker. In the game of poker, there are marked cards that can be used for cheating when used in combination with marked cards contact lenses. These marked cards are marked using invisible ink and the contact lenses make use of infrared rays to read the suit and number of the marked cards. For more information about these products visit our website

There are several types of marked cards, but here we will show you how to make the marked cards that have invisible ink marking on them. Read on to know more:

How to make invisible ink marked cards?

When you are choosing to mark your poker cards with invisible ink, you are going to take advantage of the pen with disappearing ink to make a mark with the invisible ink on the back area of poker cards. This type of marking can be done over paper or plastic poker cards only. All you need to do is just write the number and suit of the card on the back area of each card from the deck and your marked cards are ready for use.

poker cheat cards games

You can check the effect of these marked cards using marked cards contact lenses. If you are a professional and experienced supplier or manufacturer then you will make use of professional invisible ink and printer for this purpose. High-quality invisible ink marked cards are made by inputting the pattern you want to make in the computer and then printed on the card using a printer that has invisible ink in it. The effect of these professionally made cards is much more accurate and clear as compared to the one made using a magic pen. Even luminous marked cards are available in the market.

Features of ink marked cards: 

  1. These cards do not fade even when used for as long as six months or a year. The marks that are made using invisible ink are usually water-resistant and so durable too. You can expect this product to have longevity.
  2. It is quite secure to use this type of card because the ones with luminous ink are not visible to the naked eyes of humans and can only be seen by contact lenses that make use of infrared technology as well as UV sunglasses.
  3. This method is suitable for any type of poker cards material such as a paper deck, 100% plastic poker cards as well as plastic cards made up of 100% cellulose acetate.
  4. The use of these cards guarantees the cheaters with the greatest odds. Using these cards players can know the value and suit of each card even from a long distance.
  5. Luminous cards can even pass professional detection at casinos.

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