Five of the Most Popular Sports To Bet On This 2020

Through the years, sports betting is becoming more popular all across the globe. That is why online casinos have also featured sports betting as one of the games that you can play through the internet. So what are the sports that you can bet on this 2020? Here’s the list of the most popular ones this year that you can play through the fun88 app.



Through the years, PPV boxing matches surged in popularity. This only proves that there are millions of boxing fans out there that support the biggest names in this sport these days. Boxing fans come from all across the world which is why online sports betting sites offer such games to their players every time there is a big match coming up.


A popular game to bet on is football. This is such a huge business all across the globe and there are millions of fans out there that go above and beyond to support their favorite teams each season. They might not be able to watch the game live, but since they can follow the teams’ progress on TV, it would be easier for sports bettors to gather information and analyze them for their predictions.


In sports betting, golf is considered as the next big thing. The idea of betting on a golf championship is really exciting because this spot has fans from all across the globe. Aside from Tiger Woods, there are other big names in this sport that catches the attention of the golf enthusiasts. With golf, betting becomes more challenging because there are so many opportunities, odds, as well as variable outcomes like the other sports.

Horse Racing

If you are a fan of the “Sport of the Kings” then there is no doubt that online sports betting for horse racing will interest you. Even during ancient history, horse racing is one of the most favorite sport to bet on and this continues even to this generation. If you check horseracing calendars, you will find that there are plenty of events that you can bet on throughout the year. This is a global sport which means that this has fans from all over the world.


Ask any sports bettor and they will tell you that tennis is one of the most-loved sport in this gaming industry. Wimbledon is not the only competition that people are looking forward to. There are also other major competitions being held all throughout the year like the Australian Open, US Open, and the French Open.

Aside from these five sports mentioned above, there are other sports that many bettors are also looking for. So if you are a fan of such sport, then why not check out the happyluke website today and find out if they offer betting games for the sport that you are following.