If we started talking about how gambling started we would have to go way back in time when humans couldn’t read or write. But like any other thing, the game of wagers has evolved from the small social circles for entertainment to international commercial activities.The oldest game. Among the first gambling games is dice which dates to hundreds of centuries back. From then on, the game has undergone constant changes as a result of time and culture. With humans currently needing to engage in many risky activities, new games came up like the widely played dominoqq which is most popular in Indonesia. This is a recent gambling game that has captivated many people all over the world. To some, they call it 99 domino poker. Whichever way, it is what you should play of you call yourself a gambler.

How to play

With its root sin Indonesia, it makes use of a set of 28-double-six dominoes in the form of cards. Since it is a gambling game that is mostly played using real money, players need to pay some fixed amount of money before they are issued with their three domino cards. Each player is then given three options to make which include bet when there are no previous players who already did that, call which happens after the previous has a bet and the last option which comes if there is a person who has already bet is to raise followed by raising the stakes. However, if all the players access their cards and could choose any of the options, they are then asked to fold. If only a single player in the first round opted for a bet, they take the pot and doesn’t show their cards. This goes on until all the players then reveal their cards and the highest hand win.

What you will not be told

Before you start playing, nobody will tell you that there are three crucial rankings on the top pair of nines. This is because the pips on each pair when added should sum up to a nine as the highest couples.Dominoqq results could be stated as pairs with either high which implies that the total pips on the four dominoes are equal to or higher to the numbers of all the players which usually ranges from 36-40. They could also be low when the total number of pips of the four dominoes are equal to or less than the number in the house ranging from 7-9. Lastly, it could also be straight where the four dominoes all have total that are consecutive to each other example, 4-1 (5), 3-3 (6 ) and so on.This can also be seen as the lower rank hand.