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For most people, the term ‘poker’ is synonymous with gambling. No wonder such a fantastic game of skill is often seen in a negative light. People worldwide make a full-time career out of this game on live22 slot auto, but they’re not sitting luxuriously, sipping tea with one hand while using the other to make random moves for a big win. Here is a list of online poker myths you probably believe but shouldn’t.

Myth#1 Online Poker is Rigged

This myth is by far the most widely circulated one in poker forums and circles. However, nine out of ten times, it finds its origins with a player who was unable to take defeat sportingly. Yes, scam websites do exist, but they’re the exception, not the norm. The online poker industry is heavily regulated, with the big players constantly assessed by independent audit companies for anything suspicious.

Focus on understanding the math aspect of the game, and you can win too.      

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Myth#2 It’s All about Luck

As stated earlier, to most people, online poker is like gambling in a casino. But that is just half the story. If you believe this myth, you automatically ignore the other half, which is skill and analysis. Yes, you may be right that poker is all about luck, but that’s only applicable in the short term. Most long-term seasoned poker players can attest to the fact that without proper knowledge of cards and mental toughness, you stand zero chance of winning.

Myth #3 Playing Free Games is Enough to Get the Hang of It

You must’ve heard that nothing worth having comes easy. The same holds true in poker. Winning with the use of play money is vastly different from using real cash. Why? Since you’re not required to risk your money in free games, you tend to make arbitrary decisions without putting serious thought. Free games might help you understand the rules, but to improve your strategy, you need to put your ‘actual’ money on the line.

#Myth 4 The Cash-Out Curse

Finally, those who disbelieve the myths mentioned above often have the cash–out curse that is holding them back from playing online poker. They fear that soon after withdrawing money following a win; they will certainly lose some as the online poker companies are out to take revenge. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Why? Because poker rooms do not make any profits if you lose money. So, they see no point in hunting you down and robbing you of your well-deserved reward.