In this generation, people almost rely on technology in their everyday life. It is a great help to mankind with how people do their activities. With the advent of technology, dealing with transactions became easier and faster. One of the greatest inventions of technology that helps people with quick access. To limitless supply of information, communication, and entertainment.

Playing online games is a very famous form of recreation. A lot of people are playing games especially for those staying at home and with nothing to do. Kids also love to play this game together with their friends as their bonding. Yet, they still need supervision from their parents to ensure they’re playing based on their ages. While many people love to play pg slot auto. But what this game all about and learn about the various types of slots.

What is an Online slot?

            Online Slots are very popular in the world of online gaming. People find this entertaining since it is an easy and quick game to play. You don’t have to be an expert or have special skills to play this game. Pure luck and chance are the keys to win this game. Online slots are an electronic form of the traditional fruit machine. That is available in arcades all over the world. Almost 70% of the games in online casinos are comprised of slots. The appearance and design of slot machines change from time to time. 

Discover the various types of Online Slots: 

  • 3 Reel Slots- are just the same as the classic Fruit Machine. It is the easiest and simplest type of slots game. As it is easy to understand, a window shows 3 rows of symbols and 3 columns. Payline is what the middle row is called. The player places a bet and then spins the reel. The player wins once the reel stops spinning and the symbols on the payline match from the paytable.
  • 5 Reel Slots- are also called Video Slots, it is a more detailed type of slots game. Instead of playing one payline, this can have 5 up to 100. This provides many more winning combinations. That gives the player a bigger chance of winning on every spin. 5 reel slots also have special features like wilds and scatter symbols.
  • I-slots- i-slots are a new type of online slots introduced in the market. I-slots permits players to create their storyline. By spinning various combinations of reels. Or by participating in an adventure to advance the game. They also provide a wide range of bonus rounds and different ways to finish the game.
  • 3D Slots- it is also one of the newest types of online slots. The gameplay is also the same as Video Slots, except that there are 3D animated characters. That connects with the players during the game. Each 3D slot provides a various storyline and setting, this game is more of a narrative feel. The improved and new 3D animation, various themes, audio effects. All combine to give a modern twist for the experienced slot player.
  • Feature Slots- this category is about those slots that offer special features. Such as Bonus rounds and extra spins that are unlocked via Wilds and Scatters. These are random symbols that serve as wildcards. Providing more chances to hit the jackpot in every spin.
  • Progressive Slot Games- The spotlight of this type of slot game is the jackpot. Every player contributes to the jackpots using their bets. The jackpot increases every time you spin the reels. Yet, only players win the jackpot, a lot of players are attracted to this type of game because of its bigger jackpot.

There are many more types of online slots which you can choose from. Some of the game site providers offer free games. So that players will fully understand the game, how the game works. And to get more strategies and tips before playing the actual and serious game.