Do not give any sign of the hand you folded.

Sitting miles away from another player does not mean you can do what you want and be rude. Playing online poker does not give you the freedom to be inconsiderate of other players. If a player acts mean, do not do the same. Every player should be aware of proper etiquette before playing online Poker Pulsa. It is vital to be polite and have good manners, even when you are not facing the other players. Beginners may not be aware of the standard game etiquette, but it is not an excuse. Make sure you know the basic etiquette and follow the fundamentals of online poker. This way, you can have a better experience, and you will enjoy it more.

Never educate a lousy poker player.

Berating a terrible poker player for making an awful play is the last thing you want to do. Do not even attempt to educate a poker player when they do something wrong. It will do you no good at all and may only infuriate the other players. You would not want any unsolicited advice if you were in his or her position. Ignore the other player if he or she sucked out on you and made you angry. Name-calling may even make him or her play better than you. The playing environment will also become tensed if you do not ignore these kinds of players. Being courteous and friendly to all players is one of the foundations of poker etiquette.

Do not talk about a poker hand if you are not in it.

Talking about another player’s hand is a no-no. Giving another player advice is also not a good idea if he or she does not ask for it. Players find it unethical when another player kept on urging a player to act in a certain way. Never do this at any point. You can talk to players to try and guide their decision. But, never admonish someone to call, fold, or go all-in. Trying to influence someone by having a conversation is often called leveling. This one is 100% acceptable as opposed to lambasting another player.

Never use profanities in the chat.

Being abusive to another player will do no good for anyone. The action will only make things worse and harm your reputation. You may end up berating another player, or you may make yourself angry or upset. Another player may choose to quit the table or stop playing when you upset him or her. Never use profanities in the chat, no matter what. Always try to be civil and work things out.


Talking about your folded hand before it gets completed will be unfair to the other players. Never talk about it in the chat unless the round is already complete.

Keep up with the action.

Act fast but with care. Do not take too long to act. You do not need too much time to make fundamental pre-flop actions. It is understandable when you take time on important post-flop decisions. Players may get frustrated when you are too slow to make primary decisions. Slowing down the game is always bad for everyone. People may even end up leaving the table.

Do not give any sign of the hand you folded.

Do not slow-roll your opponent.

Slow-rolling is one of the worst you could do when playing online poker. Slow-rolling is a horrible etiquette you should avoid. Most players consider this as an appalling breach of poker manners. Slow-rolling refers to the selfish act a player makes. This act happens when a player takes a long pause before calling an all-in bet with a firm or unbeatable poker hand. A player makes a prolonged pause to tease the opponent and lets the opponent think that he or she already won. The player then reveals the winning hand, giving a heartbreak to his or her opponent. Avoid slow-rolling as much as possible. A slow-roll is a selfish act that creates a bad vibe at a poker table. The game becomes less fun for all involved.

Poker is a pleasurable pastime. Players should engage and do their part to keep the game smooth. It is best when all players enjoy the game and the experience. Poker etiquette involves an unwritten set of guidelines to follow. Behaving well helps promote good sportsmanship and speed of play. A healthy atmosphere for the game is also maintained. That is why players must observe proper etiquette when playing. Every player has the responsibility to ensure other players have a positive experience.