Gaming has never been such a fun and reachable to the mass. Thanks to the ever-advancing Information Technology. Gambling has its own history dating back to ancient period. However, in the modern days we can play casino gambling on our finger tips. This form on online gaming has gained significant popularity among all the age groups and loved across all the sections of society. There is always chance of winning real cash. Online casino games ensure ease of use for the players along with utmost safety and reliability.

Online & Mobile Gambling

 In the 90’s online gambling was popularized across the globe. The first online casino started in 1994 which guaranteed safe transactions. Playtech introduced first live casino in 2003 which was a mixture of brick and mortar casinos and the virtual world. New generation of players are quite attracted due to technological advancements. Introduction of smart phones and Iota devices have encouraged players to move to mobile gaming rather than sticking their eyes on a desktop screen. Players can play games on the move. This has led top casino gambling sites to introduce more opportunities for the mobile gambling games.

Mobile gaming apps provide synchronization with player’s social media accounts, which is a major advantage where they can play games among their own friends. Mobile casino games like pokerqq also provide easy access to betting options which encourages more users. Playing online requires a lot more skill than playing in the land-based casinos. The players are invisible most of the times, and sometimes the rules are not clear. Following guidelines is important and using a reliable online site is much more important. So, the safest bet is to play on those sites that do not need real money. This practice and experience will make the gambler expert and then the person can play to play the real online games with small amounts first- to be cautious and then investing as one starts winning.

                          Block chain gambling and the future of online casino

 Block chain technology and the boom of crypto currencies have boosted the gambling and casino industries many-folds. Crypto currencies are used across many online casino gambling apps either as the main payment system or as an alternative payment system. This is because block chain provides complete transparency in the transaction and the cost of transaction is lower as compared to other payment system. One may be able gamble without disclosing his/her identity using block chain