Poker is one of the most recognized casino games around the world, and it has thousands of players. There are different offline Poker variations, such as Texas Hold’Em and Stud Poker. Super 10, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Seven Card Stud Poker are examples of online Poker versions. Professional Poker players care about the Poker sets they use. They consider the feel, texture, and the success it will bring them on the table. That is why there are Poker collectible sets that make a player feel like a sure winner. Having any of the following Poker sets will increase any player’s confidence.

Cartier’s Bold Poker Set

The Limited Edition Bold Poker Set from Cartier is ideal when you want to brag during a Poker night. A French luxury watchmaker and jeweler by the name of Louis Francois Cartier manufactured Poker sets before. They tried to serve its high-class clientele who are into casino games. This set comes with three hundred and sixty chips in five different colors. It also has two sets of playing cards and five reddish-black dices crafted in wood. These have gold plating packed in a gilt casket.

Pre-World War II Poker Chips with Pickled Swastika

The market price of this set is $1,999.99, and it is one of the rarest finds in the Poker industry. Swastika-laden chips are a good buy, but you cannot boast of them during a friendly Poker night. Not all people are fond of it, so it is better safe than sorry.

Lancelot Lancaster White or Bucking Poker Box

This set screams creativity and craftsmanship as it comes with twenty handmade ebony-inlaid Poker boxes designed by Linzi Stivey Davies. The box comes with brass fittings with 18 carats of rose gold. The nameplate in the set is customizable, and you can even put your smug face on it.

Asprey Luxury Poker Set

Asprey, a company known for manufacturing exquisite luxury goods, made this Poker set. It is no wonder then that this item has a market price of $7,500. The 200-year old company makes a lot of specialty items, and it made this set encased in cinnamon English saddle leather. There are two packs of Asprey signature playing cards and five hundred and fifty ceramic Poker chips in this collection. It also has a dealer chip that comes in a palladium finish. Palladium locks at the front of the case are for securing the set.

Poker sets are a pivotal part of most occasion games, may it be offline or online. The sound of chips is more than enough to make the hearts of players race with much excitement and thrill.