Online slot machines

For all those who love gambling, perhaps at some point you have wondered: why do casinos give away bonuses? The marketing strategy allows the loyalty of the most experienced and recurring clients in the casino, in addition to serving as a hook for new prospects. Click here for เกมยิงปลา.

If you wonder why this happened: the answer has several factors to analyze. The first is due to the increase in casinos applying this strategy, which in economics is known as a decrease in the bid, that is: the higher the offer, the lower the demand. The other preponderant factor is the local and fiscal authorities, who are in charge of putting pressure on this economic sector so that they comply with fair and real betting conditions so that consumption directly benefits even the most inexperienced player.

Do you know the term spins? These bonds can be convertible into them, in addition to receiving a small fraction of the lost money called cashback. That is why the bonuses are quite attractive for connoisseurs of the betting world, since they allow you to extend your playing time in the casino, not only that, it also gives you second chances in case you lose the round. Another benefit is that you can play for a longer time in the casino even if you have used up the full credit of your original deposit. Visit this site for เกมส์ยิงปลา.

Online slot machines

Below we will present the types of bonuses that are available to users: 

No deposit bonuses

Their price ranges from 5 to 20 Euros, and these types of bonuses are the most popular for those who want to earn money easily and without any risk. Generally, it is granted to the user who has registered and as its title says, in this type it is not mandatory to make any type of deposit.

Bonuses with deposit

In this, the buyer will be given a credit that goes along with the amount deposited, that is, if he receives 100 Euros, he receives 100 Euros, although its credit functionality allows the player to be granted an extra 50, 10 or 150% of what I put into your account. Although it is necessary that whoever requests this type of bonuses, must verify the fine print of the contract, especially when it comes to the reentry limits.

Cashback, as an incentive of the house, the player receives a percentage of the money he lost in the casino, it is generally one of the most attractive for the player.

The Free Spins

This is another kind of bonus provided by online casinos. Free spins are very popular and bettor take advantage of this bonus.